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Our Story


Sunita Gandham is a distinguished entrepreneur in the fashion industry and a dedicated social reformer. She has made significant strides in the fashion industry through her jewellery brand, “ETERNITY.” Combining her passion for fashion with a commitment to sustainability, Sunita has created an exquisite line of jewellery that epitomizes elegance, craftsmanship, and environmental consciousness. The brand has achieved national recognition, securing its place in esteemed stores across India, including Pantaloons, Lifestyle, and Central. Expanding its presence internationally, “ETERNITY” merges style with ethical fashion choices, catering to the modern consumer’s desire for responsible and sustainable products.

In addition to “ETERNITY,” Sunita has successfully established four other brands: NAYANI, SAMARA, and LORIS. These brands have been prominently positioned in national stores such as Pantaloons, Lifestyle, Oddsy, Westside, and Central since 2004, serving customers throughout India. Now, we are venturing into international markets, with a particular focus on positioning brands ETERNITY and SAMARA in Singapore.

Empowering Farmers through G.N Gopal Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Upon returning to her native village, Narsingapalli, after her father’s passing, Sunita observed the persistent struggles of farmers in Andhra Pradesh to sell their agricultural products at fair prices. Recognizing that most farmers sell their products as raw materials to middlemen who then process and sell the final products at higher prices, she established G.N Gopal Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. This company acts as a direct link between farmers, tribals, and retailers, ensuring that farmers can sell their products directly to retailers at fair prices. This initiative allows farmers to secure reliable prices for their crops and expand their sales both domestically and nationwide.


G.N Gopal Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. is deeply invested in the welfare of farmers, actively organizing awareness programs, training sessions on modern farming technologies, and initiatives aimed at promoting women’s empowerment in agriculture

Promoting Healthy Food Habits with Gandham Foods Na'Palli

To promote healthy food habits, especially among the youth, Sunita established Gandham Foods Na’Palli. At Gandham Foods Na’Palli, every snack is prepared under hygienic conditions, adhering to national standards of food preparation.

Na’Palli snacks are more than just a brand; they represent a responsibility. Our motto, “GOOD FOOD, GOOD HEALTH, GOOD PHYSIQUE,” emphasizes the importance of good food for maintaining better health conditions. To support this, Na’Palli Foods offers a variety of Millet Snacks, ranging from cookies and ladoos to namkeens and more.

Na’Palli also offers a wide range of South Indian traditional snack varieties, including Ariselu, Chegodlu, Puvulu, Murukulu, Chips, Gavvalu, and many more.

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Empowering Women and Innovating in Snack Production

At Na’Palli, we generate employment for various women in collaboration with recognized Self Help Groups (SHGs). We guide these groups in packing, adhering to food standards, and expanding their reach through exports and online sales.

In an innovative move, Na’Palli Foods introduced the Olympic Snacks line, consisting of five flavors, each representing a color of the Olympic rings. This line includes Jantikulu, Chagodi, Puvvu, Potato Chips, Chekka Vodiyalu, Bundi, and Murukulu.

“For Healthier Snacks - Na'Palli Is the First Choice”